Sun Cleaning Group, LLC dba Sun Cleaning Systems

Sun Cleaning Group LLC, based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, has been acquired by CleanPower LLC, an affiliate of Marsden Holding. The acquisition further solidifies CleanPower’s position as the state’s largest commercial cleaning contractor. Sun Cleaning was founded in 1984 and acquired by Steve Balistreri in 1988. The company provides full service commercial, industrial and office building maintenance services throughout the majority of southern, eastern and central Wisconsin.  Tullius Partners represented and acted as exclusive financial advisor to Sun Cleaning.  
Tullius Partners has been an integral part of my company’s ability to achieve the goals of my strategic plan. They have been professional, thorough, honest, and driven, throughout the whole process. Being the industry expert they brought credibility and comfort to all parties, especially the banks. I could never have achieved these results without their expertise. Tullius Partners has become my company’s most trusted advisors.
Steve Balisteri, President - Sun Cleaning System, Inc.

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