Our primary objective at Tullius Partners is to create, enhance and maximize the value of our clients’ businesses. In doing that, we develop a clear understanding of our clients’ value objectives and subsequently chart the strategic course that is most consistent with reaching those objectives. That course can include strategic planning, financial advisory, raising financing, recapitalization, acquisition, merger and/or the sale of the company, all of which we have the expertise to facilitate.

Merger & Acquisition

The purchase or sale of a business is a complex and sensitive process, and relationship is key.  We work to understand the issues that are relevant to our clients, and simultaneously maintain strong, credible relationships with the capital resources specific to that space.  We expertly manage the process in order to ensure a successful and rewarding transaction for all.

Capital Raise

Finding the appropriate amount of capital and the right financing vehicle are vital for a company’s sustainability.  We bring over 80 years of experience and industry relationships to help our clients secure a compatible match whether to finance growth or refinance existing obligations.

Strategic Planning

While all owners want to increase business value, it can be difficult to know where to start.  We strive to learn our client’s personal and financial objectives, and identify the strategic options most complementary.  We then develop the action plan that charts the most efficient course for our clients to reach their goals.

Succession Planning

As an owner, choosing the next leader of the company from within the company, whether family or other, requires a significant amount of planning.  As an option to exit the business, the best successions are the ones that have been thoughtfully prepared.  We work to leverage our client’s personal goals to capture business value with the company’s legacy and the next generation’s ability.    

Financial Advisory

Growing business value is a dynamic and often challenging process. We understand this and advise our clients throughout this process on financial analysis, cost-benefit analysis, market valuations, and fairness opinions. By providing this independent and objective evaluation our clients can make decisions that ultimately determine the viability and long-term success of their organization.


Before starting any endeavor, it is critical to know where you are starting from.  We provide valuation guidance, fairness opinions, and valuation reports that enable us and our clients to understand what current market conditions and other relevant factors suggest the market value of a business will be at any given time.  With a proper valuation, we can then chart how best to proceed.   

Industry Expertise

We utilize our multi-industry expertise and relationships, alongside detailed research skills, for the benefit of our clients. Our patterned approach and financial proficiency allows us to regularly work in new industries. Presently, the firm is most active in the following industires:

Facilities Services

  • Commercial, Institutional, Industrial, and Medical Contract Maintenance
  • Mechanical, Electrical, and HVAC Contract Maintenance
  • Carpet, Upholstery, and Window Cleaning
  • Construction Clean-up Services
  • Residential Cleaning

Healthcare Administration / Revenue Cycle Management

  • Outsourced Management, Services, and Communications
  • Payment System Solutions
  • Revenue Management, Billing, Reimbursement and Recovery Services
  • Supplies and Equipment

Business to Business Services

  • Recurring Revenue Streams
  • Middle-Market in Multiple Industries

Manufacturing & Distribution

  • Mechanical Transformation into Product for Distribution or Sale
  • Middle-Market with Significant Barriers to Entry

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